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Cellulite Control

BTL Cellutone™ achieves the best results in non-invasive cellulite reduction and improvement of patient’s skin texture.

What is BTL Cellutone™

BTL Cellutone™ uses the power of therapeutic vibrations while ensuring unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety. In aesthetic medicine, therapeutic vibrations can contribute to increase lymphatic drainage, waste elimination and blood flow.

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- 4 total sessions -

Therapy from a whole new perspective

  • Power pulse vibrations enhancing circulation and oxygen flow
  • Stimulates healthy collagen bundles in the skin, while increasing lymphatic drainage
  • Achieves the best results for non-invasive cellulite reduction
  • Targets the dimpling of fat and cellulite on various body parts
  • Long lasting cellulite improvement

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BTL Cellutone™ Effects

Cellutone™ Pricing Packages

5th Free7th Free
Legs (front and back)$800$1,200
Legs (front only or back only)$400$600
Legs & buttocks$1,200$1,800
Abdomen & flanks$400$600